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Here's what some of our campers, their parents and some alumni have to say about Camp Merriwood:

"The most striking thing about Camp Merriwood, in my opinion, is the cohesiveness of all of the girls who attend camp. I love that all of the girls do things together, regardless of age, cabin assignments, interests, etc. My girls know every single girl at camp and are inspired by all of the girls they meet. Every girl at camp cheers for, encourages, supports every other girl at camp. It is such an inspiration to see a 15 year old hugging and genuinely smiling at a 9 year old at Camp Merriwood! I believe the girls, in this camp atmosphere, gain a real sense of empathy and respect for others in their camp community and beyond.  I think Merriwood is one of the few places where my girls feel completely at ease and where their true selves can come out.  My girls have had wonderful experiences throughout their time at camp, even through the few rough patches, they have learned how to manage and how to cope." 

(Parent and Alum, Boston, MA) 



"The power of Merriwood is its atmosphere created by so many confident girls…even those who aren’t as much.  It’s contagious!  I now cannot imagine my girls not having this experience.  Merriwood is the most special place.  Thank you for making it all happen!"

(Parent, Greenwich, CT)



"My 11 year old daughter has gained tremendous self-assurance from her time at Merriwood.  She now approaches new experiences with much more confidence, drawing on the success she experienced tackling new physical activities, being away from home, and drawing very close to new friends of all ages."

(Parent, Summit, NJ)



"Our daughter was swept away by the Merriwood camp experience.  Though independent by nature she felt completely cocooned by the world of camp - the many friends she made, the warm spirit of the counselors and staff and the delicious FOOD.  She loved it all and yearns to return each year and encourages her friends to come along so they too can have a "great camp experience"."  

(Parent of 11 year old, Denver, CO)



"Today, even 32 years after my last summer at Merriwood, I am still a Color War fanatic. There was nothing like the thrill of Color War breakout and the unbelievable feeling of teamwork and community that the experience created. My closest friends from Merriwood have and always will be central to my life."

(Alumnus, New York, NY)



"Our family is under the spell of Merriwood Magic!"

(Parent, Armonk, NY)



"I don't get homesick, I get camp sick!"

(Camper, 12 years old, Westchester, NY)



"Dear Mommy and Daddy,

Guess what?  I do not miss you at ALL!  I am only writing this letter because I have to.

Love, Gillian" 

(Camper, age 8)



"I love it here!  Even though I miss you some, I'm having sooo much fun and there's so much to do all the time.  Oh, and the food is great!  Please, can I come back next summer?  Got to go, I get to go ride my favorite horse now.  Love you!"

(Excerpt from letter, California, age 11)



"I felt really proud when I got up on waterskis.  Everybody at camp had said to me "You can do it!"  So I tried. They really encouraged me! Afterwards, everybody, even my camp sister, was telling me that I did such a great job.  I felt great and I really loved it!"

(Age 9, Princeton, NJ)



“I’m so sad. I have to leave camp this weekend. I have had such a great time. Everyone is so nice here. Even though I miss you, I don’t want to leave.”  

(Age 9, Baltimore, MD)



"Over the years I can see Merriwood Magic and strength in my girls.  My daughters talk about the Millers as family...Gary, Judy, Susan and Mark...and Joe's food, and Kristin’s tennis, etc, etc.  Many of my daughters’ leadership and friendship qualities are from Camp Merriwood.  The girls are all respected, celebrated and cherished.  The traditions of Peter Pan Night, Color War, the songs, the funny dress up skits, the overnight camping, the lake, camp events and traditions (International Day, Texas Night), and finally the Camp Sister program to carry a junior to senior mentoring is simply special.  By the time a girl is a 12'er you are a mature Merriwood Girl that is known throughout the camp and is a great example of how a camp girl should be which is happy, smart, respectful, and a strong girl building great lifetime friendships."  

(Parent, Westport, Connecticut)



“This was my first summer at Merriwood.  Everyone was so nice.  I didn't have time to feel homesick.” 

(Inter camper)



“My favorite activity is waterskiing.  Wait, no, it's probably rock climbing - or maybe horseback riding . . .” 

(Excerpt from letter home, Inter camper)



“My counselor was the BEST!  She's like my mom, my sister and my best friend all wrapped up into one.”              (Excerpt from letter home, Junior camper)


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