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Here are some fun & useful terms you'll hear at Merriwood.  Add them to your vocabulary to help navigate your way around camp (not to worry, you'll quickly learn them when you get here!) 


Twelvers = oldest campers, live in Cabin 12

Pavilion = gymnastics site

Lodge = attached to dining hall where the nurses’ clinic is located

Quad = Grass area in front of the cabins

Pines = Camping area across the lake

Boulders = nurses’ quarters across the road, also called the infirmary

Red Mailbox = located outside dining hall door, out-going mail put inside

Playhouse = Drama area next to library

Brackett Brook = Stream that runs between Rock Wall and Far Field

Buddy Tags = located by the Swim Shack, girls flip tag when in the water

Beach = Canoe/Kayak/Sail area in between dining hall and library

Y-dock = First Dock

Far Dock = Last dock

I-Dock/Lap Lines = Middle Docks

The Party Boat = Pontoon Boat

Lilly Pad = Yellow Pad located between the two Far docks

Green Monster = Green tennis practice area located in front of Office

Dumpster = Located behind the fence to the right of the dining hall

Zen Deck = deck overlooking the swim area

Counselor Shack = located next to the Playhouse, Camper Free Zone!

The Garden = behind Rock Wall, Junior Outdoor Life (ODL) Classes

Mom Miller Morning = Morning with an extra hour of sleep in honor of our founder “Mom Miller”

Survival Test = girls tread water for 30 mins in order to take a ski class

Orford Beach = beach located across the lake

Camp Sunset = old camp located down Camp Road

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