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Not many camps dare mention "food" when describing the camp experience, but here at Merriwood, we're proud to boast about our abundant meal offerings and the quality of our food!  As a matter of fact, ask any Merriwood girl what they like best about our camp and "food" is consistently a top response.  Our Chef Joe O'Malley has been with us for more than 15 years.  He has a wonderful grasp of what girls like and we rarely get a complaint about our "camp" food!  Vegetarian dishes are offered regularly and a full salad bar is available every lunch and dinner.  We are NOT nut free.  We eat family style with 20 tables seating 8-10 girls including a staff person at each end.  New girls sit with their "Camp Sister" through the first week and then table assignments change each Sunday.  Age groups are mixed at the tables so girls get to know everyone in all divisions.  A Senior girl (14-15) serves the table!  Joe enjoys getting to know your daughter so don't be surprised if when you meet him he knows your daughter by name and what her particular food favorites are!  Barbeques are a popular weekly event.  The girls get their meal at the gazebo and then sit around the quad with friends, cabin mates and staff.  Another favorite is Banana Split Night!  You'll never have to worry about how your daughter is eating at Camp Merriwood!

"Love the lasagna and Chef Joe's Texas Night barbeque.  Always save room for


“I love the fact that there's always a salad bar.  And it's not just any salad bar - it's filled with all my favorite sides.”

“Chef Joe always posts the day's meals outside the mess hall.  He serves a lot of my favorites and throws in some surprises!”

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