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Our scheduling aims to create variety and individualization with each girl’s program. Classes are scheduled to meet in groups of two days, Monday and Thursday, Tuesday and Friday, and Wednesday and Saturday. Riding, tennis, and swimming are scheduled before coming to camp in accordance with skill level. Intermediates, Sub-Seniors, and Seniors sign up for the remaining classes during “registration” which is held the first evening at camp. Classes are set for the duration of the summer; however, if a camper finds that she’d like to make a change, she may.


Junior (current 2nd-4th graders) schedules are done before camp with a balanced program of almost all camp activities. Having strong basic skills and experience across a wide range of classes encourages the girls to take risks when choosing their schedules as Inters and Seniors.



Our tennis staff comes from the US and around the world. Most have played competitively at various collegiate levels and beyond. With their experience on the court and love of children, they work to turn any level player into one that has the skills and confidence to excel in a fun environment. Our six all weather courts were put in for the 2021 summer and are in use constantly. Two courts are lit for night play. Girls who are at the competitive level have an opportunity to play in inter-camp competition. 


In addition, we offer advanced competitive tennis which is geared to those interested in refining competitive strategies and participating in inter-camp competition.  There are a lot of fun activities to increase the skill levels of girls of any ability.


Our landsports program encompasses a variety of field activities: soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, archery, jogging, golf, field hockey and lacrosse. Basic skills to more precise skill work in each area helps the girls’ skills improve in each class period.  We are pleased to have college players directing most of these activities.


Playdays with other camps where any girl interested may participate in sports are offered throughout the summer.  We also have tournaments where the more competitive girl is given the chance to participate and hone her tournament skills.



Our gym pavilion is equipped with a foam rubber floor and carpet with the apparatus used in competition, including balance beam, uneven bars, and vaulting horse. The instructors work with girls from beginner levels to advanced.  Concentration is on execution and creation of compulsory routines.

Certified instructors work with the campers to develop self-confidence in this very popular activity. Trust activities are part of the learning process. Girls then move on to the 40’ climbing wall and love to take the 250’ zip line from the top of the wall, across a brook twice, and to the other side and a waiting counselor. The girls also hone their skills on the bouldering wall.  The different levels on each of the three-sided walls gives opportunities for the instructors to work with girls of all skill levels.



Girls work towards Camp Archery Award pins from various distances (15, 20, and 30 yards) and point values.  Our archers also have fun with a variety of games on the range!



This program is located in a spacious area on the 2nd floor of our Playhouse building. The girls have numerous opportunities to express creativity through sewing, painting, jewelry, pottery, tie-dyeing and much more. 



The girls love to choreograph their own dances and then perform for their families which is posted online and the Talent Show. Our staff works hard in developing their creativity and teaching dance moves.  Once the girls hear the sound of music, they’re ready to dance!



Regular classes in drama take place throughout the week. The drama staff directs the girls in improvs and skits using costumes and props. During the first week of camp,  girls with a special interest in drama try out for the camp play that is recorded and posted on our website. All campers wishing to be in the play are included. Give the girls the stage and off they go!

Our location on beautiful Upper Baker Pond affords us the chance to enjoy many water activities on our nearly private lake. Boating, canoeing, sailing, and crew make up a good portion of the water sports. Waterskiing, tubing, kneeboarding and wakeboarding are among our most popular activities.  Our waterfront staff work hard to insure the safety of the girls while giving them the encouragement to try new activities and learn new skills. 


Swimming classes take place in our pristine lake. The swim staff and Water Safety Instructors teach the various American Red Cross levels. All of our girls take daily swim classes throughout the summer. Swimming is allowed only at specific times in designated swimming areas and is always closely supervised, with trained lifeguards on duty. Merriwood uses a “buddy” system, a Red Cross safety measure, and certified Lifeguards supervise all swimming activity. The girls love going down the slide, playing water volleyball and diving for toys in swim class while learning the importance of various swimming skills and excelling in their levels.



Our equestrian horseback riding program is  on-site. Staff members with extensive experience run the program. Campers have fun learning stable management as well as riding horses bareback, doing gymnastics on horses, all increasing their comfort level. Girls may choose to ride every day or three times a week.

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