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Camp Sisters


An older camper is matched with a new Merriwood camper based on hometown, age, and session.  The girls get together, Skype, email, or talk on the phone prior to camp to answer any questions.  The girls sit together during the first week at all meals.  This bond can be quite strong and the new camper has a familiar face as soon as she arrives!


Milk and Cookies


A  favorite cabin time activity at bedtime to reflect on the day and strengthen cabin bonds.a favorite cabin time activity at bedtime to reflect on the day and strengthen cabin bonds.

International Day


After an afternoon of Opening Ceremonies and introduction of countries and teams,  Sunday afternoon is dedicated to native games:  Tour de France (bike races), netball (like basketball), rugby, to name a few.  Later that night, each team presents their country’s song at campfire.

Friendship Night


After a campfire, each girl enters the diningroom and reads letters from past summers that are held from one summer to the next.  Next, she writes a letter to herself in the diningroom reflecting on her summer.  Letters are collected, even those from past years, and a candlelit ceremony brings camp together in one of the most memorable nights of the summer.

Mom Miller Morning


Honoring our founder, Mom Miller, a morning announced the night before where breakfast is open from 9:00-10:00 and you come in your pajamas.

Color War


After the counselors break out Color War, 3 ½ days of good, fair competition in all activities the girls have been working on throughout the summer.  The event concludes with Skit Night- each team presents a skit and a cheer, fight song, and alma mater.

Texas Night


A genuine hoedown complete with ribs, cornbread, bucking bronco, and dancing to country music!

Counselor Dress-up


An evening activity where each cabin “decorates” their counselor.  A good natured night of laughs, great attitudes, and good fun.

Miami Beach Day


An afternoon during a heat wave where regular classes are canceled and all water activities take over:  Slip and slide, water balloon toss, chillin’ on the Party Boat.

Decades Dance


A crazy night of zany outfits and dance music from the 80’s, 90’s and pop!

Banana Split Night


A surprise dessert with a multitude of toppings. Yum!

Peter Pan Night


The first time this was introduced to Merriwood, the play was Peter Pan, hence the namesake for one of the most anticipated nights of the summer.  The younger girls are awakened by the older girls and brought out to the basketball court where our oldest girls, the Twelvers, put on a play for the camp.  We’ve had Aladdin, Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, Hercules, to name a few.  The night culminates with hot cocoa and donut holes, and is followed by a sleepin with a Mom Miller Morning.


Other Traditions Include:


Trip Day


Valentine’s Day 


Banquet Night


Camp Birthdays

Counselor/Camper Switch Day


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